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The Norwegian Buhund is a very ancient breed, known in Viking times and, as its name implies, is Scandinavian in origin. Despite its age, the breed was nearly lost in its native country during the last century and it was only due to the dedication of one man that the breed was revived and recognised during the 1920s. Previously it had been very common as a farm dog throughout rural areas, but not valued as a particular breed. After the 2nd World War, its survival was again in danger, but since then the breed has made steady progress in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The Buhund has been in Britain since 1946 and is now also making progress in the United States and Canada. Originally bred as a working farm dog, for both herding livestock and to give warning of danger or the approach of strangers, the Buhund continues to be bred as a dog that is capable of arduous work.

A few Buhunds from the UK were exported to Australia and New Zealand although it is not believed that they were bred from and there are none registered in those countries at present.

Today the Buhund is found in many countries including Germany and Finland although not in great numbers.