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The Buhund is, first and foremost, a working breed. It was bred to be used as a general farm dog, to both herd livestock and give warning of the approach of strangers.  As such it has developed into a hardy, energetic, intelligent breed that can be inclined to be noisy. It has developed a thick double coat to help it cope with cold northern climates. Most of all, the Buhund has developed into a friendly, affectionate dog that thrives as a housedog, living as a family member.

The following questions should help you decide whether or not the Buhund will suit you, your family and your lifestyle:

Are you very house-proud?

Are you very garden-proud?

Are you looking for an eye-catching, flashy looking dog?

Does dog hair getting everywhere get on your nerves?

Do you want a dog who will be happy to live outside for most of the time?

Do you want a dog who will obey you unquestioningly?

Do you dislike regular exercise or walking in all kinds of weather?


If the answer to any of above questions is “Yes”, then the Buhund is not for you.

Do you want a dog:

Who can make an ideal, fun-loving and affectionate companion?

Who can easily be shown at all levels of beauty shows?

Who will be happy to take part in Agility?

Who can be trained to high level in Obedience?

Who is energetic and will take as much exercise as you want to give?

Who is intelligent but independent?

Who is big enough to be a proper dog, but small enough to be easily manageable?

Who is happiest living indoors as part of the family?


If the answers to the above questions are “Yes” then the Buhund may be for you.

About you:

Do you have any previous dog owning experience?

Are you prepared to spend plenty of time hoovering every day when, twice a year, your dog sheds first his undercoat then his top coat?

Are you prepared to spend time teaching your Buhund not to bark continually?

Are you willing to take your new dog to training classes to ensure that he becomes a well mannered, well socialised individual?

Can you provide a well fenced safe area where your dog can be let out in safely?

Are you prepared for a previously well kept garden to be completely rearranged and replanted?

Are you prepared to spend time with your dog, giving him plenty of company & stimulation through training and exercise?


If the answer to the above questions is “Yes”, then you may well be suitable to be owned by a Buhund.