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A is for Agility – great fun & a good excuse for a rapid demolition exercise.

B is for Barking. Humans don’t like quiet, so Bark often, especially at night so you can be sure that they can hear you.

C is for Cat. Great to Chase, not so good to Catch

D is for Dig. Very helpful to your human, and good exercise.

E is for Excavate. Like D, but bigger.

F is for Food. The most important thing in a Bu’s life.

G is for Guest. Make them welcome. Never leave them alone, except to go outside to collect more mud about your person.

H is for Holes. There can never be enough of them – see D & E.

I is for Investigate & Inquisitive. Be nosy, stick your nose into anything & everything.

J is for Joyful. What you feel when your Human comes home. Good excuse for running around like a maniac.

K is for Kennel Club. Posh place in London - dogs not allowed.

L is for Lead. Used by Humans when you go for a walk & they want to be pulled along.

M is for Mealtimes. Very important. Be there.

N is for Norwegian Buhund – that’s you. N is also for Naughty – but that’s just coincidence.

O is for Obedience. Take your human along to some classes – they just might learn something.

P is for Plants. Often found in other people’s gardens. Never found in Buhund gardens.

Q is for quiet. Buhunds don’t do Quiet, except when they are doing something Naughty.

R is for Rabbit. Similar to Buhunds. Both run away & dig holes.

S is for Sit, Stay, Stand. Humans use these words a lot. They are interchangeable. Just pick one of them & humans are happy.

T is for Training. Training is a very important part of a Buhund’s life. A well trained Human is a joy to own.

U is for Unbearable. Being away from your humans is Unbearable. When they leave you, cry a lot. Very loudly. For as long as possible.

V is for Vet. Useful people. Make friends with yours – smile at him when you meet.

W is for Water & Wet. Buhunds don’t do either. Make sure your human is always Wetter than you (it’s a dominance thing, they like it.)

X is for “Xxxxx” What your human says when you’ve been particularly helpful, like clearing up a messy box of chocolates.

Y is for Yip, which is a small bark. Buhunds are good at yipping. Practise a lot.

Z is for Zzzzzzzz…….. Good night.