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The Buhund is a cheerful, friendly, active, intelligent and inquisitive breed, suitable for a number of different purposes. They make very good family pets, enjoy agility and can compete in Obedience and showing. They are generally good with children and also with other animals, particularly if brought up with them from a young age. As a working breed they need both mental and physical exercise, they are not suitable for keeping alone in a kennel or for homes that are empty for most of the day. The two main drawbacks of the breed are that they bark and they moult. Training can control the barking, but the moulting will happen once or twice a year. If you are very house-proud the Buhund is not for you.

Photo: M. Fryatt

A typical Spitz breed, the Buhund is medium sized with a curly tail, prick ears and a thick double coat. Around 18” high and weighing 25 –35lbs, they are small enough to be easily handled but large enough to be a ‘proper’ dog. The most common colour is wheaten, which can vary from the palest cream to almost red, with or without a black mask. Shaded wheaten, wolf sable and black are also available although, with the exception of blacks, the eventual colour of a dog is hard to predict from a puppy coat.