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Agility is a relatively new canine activity. it came into being in 1978 After a demonstration at Crufts & the Olympia International Horse Show. It is a sport in which Buhunds can participate with great enjoyment.

Most of the equipment in Agility cannot be used by dogs under 18 months of age, but the time spent waiting for your puppy to be old enough to take part can be used in practising his obedience and introducing him to scaled down obstacles. The tunnel is one obstacle Buhunds seem to greatly enjoy, once they have dared to go through it once.

The Buhund suffers a little in Agility because of his size. The height limits for agility competitions are as follows:

Standard: over 17 inches (43.18cm) (at the withers)

Midi: 15 -17inches (38.1-43.18cm)

Mini: Under 15 inches (38.1)

 So it is possible to own 2 correctly sized Buhunds, each competing at different levels. In the past, there were also Buhunds who would have been small enough to compete in Mini !  However, it is not likely that a Buhund will be put off by the size of the obstacles.