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Two words which don’t readily go together are Buhund and Obedience! The Buhund is a Spitz breed with the well-known Spitz capacity for being stubborn and conveniently deaf. However, the breed is one of the easiest Spitz to train and with proper guidance is a quick and eager learner. There are one or two Buhunds who have done well in Obedience competition and a growing number are qualifying for their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award.


Even if you have no intention of competing in Obedience, taking your Buhund to Training Classes will have advantages for both of you. Take him from the earliest age possible – for most classes this will be after his first or second inoculations. Such a young age is ideal for introducing your puppy to lots of other puppies of around the same age.  Do make sure that the class you attend uses modern training methods based on reward methods (Buhunds will do nearly anything for food) and run by experienced trainers who are members of the APDT. Also, try to find a class that has a structured form, where your dog progresses steadily from one level to the next. Buhunds are easily bored and don’t “do” repetition very well.