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In some ways, Buhunds are one of the easiest breeds to show. All that is required to begin showing is that your Buhund is trained to stand still, pay attention to you, allow a judge to examine him and to walk sensibly up and down the ring. In practise, there’s a little more to it than that, but if you have the basics, your dog will not disgrace you. The earlier you start training your dog to show, the easier it will be to teach him to behave, but it isn’t unknown for a 4 year old dog to enter the ring for the first time and to become a champion in just a few shows. If you intend to show for the first time, it will be very helpful for both you and your dog to find a good ringcraft class where you can learn the basics.

It is a courtesy to the judge that your dog is presented in spotless condition, with short nails and clean teeth. A correct Buhund coat should have a harsh topcoat and for this reason it is not a good idea to bath your dog at the last minute. Bath him 3-4 days before and brush all the loose hair out before you take him to the show.

There are various levels of shows you can attend with your Buhund, beginning with Companion Shows (which used to be called Exemption Shows) and Limit Shows (not so common these days), which you should be able to find fairly locally and are a good training place for novices. Open Shows and Championship Shows are also held, the latter the shows where you are most likely to find classes for the breed. At most shows, you will have to be content with entering in variety classes (classes for any breed of dog). You may find AVNSC (Any Variety Not Separately Classified) or Any Variety Pastoral Classes that you can enter.

The Norwegian Buhund Club also holds 3 Shows a year, 2 Open Show and a Championship Show which, apart from Crufts, are the best places to go to see a large number of Buhunds collected in one place.

Particularly in recent years, Buhunds have done very well in top competition, winning a group at Crufts and Best in Show at a general Championship Show. Buhunds used to be shown in the largest of the groups, the Working Group, but when this was split, they were placed in the Pastoral Group where it is not unusual for them to be placed in the first four.