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Dewin Buhunds began in 1978 when Sam (Magician of the Mountains) came to us as a 7 weeks old puppy. He was bought purely as a pet but was shown for a few years - much to his disgust.

Magician of the Mountains (Sam)

As he obviously did not enjoy the showring, Jenny (Alkola Llian) joined him in 1980.

Ch. Alkola Llian (Jenny)

Jenny quickly established herself as the showdog Sam would never be and at Manchester 1981, exactly a year after her first championship show, she became Champion Alkola Llian. She eventually won 17 CCs and was the bitch record holder for a number of years. From her first litter, Polly (Ch. Dewin Arianwen) was chosen to stay with us and she proved herself to be an extrovert showgirl, winning her title at a young age.

Ch. Dewin Arianwen (Polly)

Meanwhile, her litter brother Greg (Ch. Dewin Aelwyn) was returned to us after his owner had a heart attack and was unable to keep him. Greg made his entry into the show ring at 17 mths and at his 2nd show won the Reserve CC. He also gained his title and made up the terrible twins duo of Ch. Dewin Arianwen & Ch. Dewin Aelwyn.

Ch. Dewin Aelwyn (Greg)

Polly produced just one litter, as, unlike her own dam, she was a terrible mother who hated the responsibility of puppies. However, she did produce 4 puppies, two of whom became Champions, Ch. Dewin Cerian and Ch. Dewin Cymro.

A third member of the litter, Dewin Aeron, won his JW, a RCC & a CC before his untimely death at 2 1/2 yrs. The fourth member of the litter, Dewin Arianrhod, went to live with Kirsten & Isabel Western and had some success in the show ring, but is better remembered as the dam of our Ch. Bethan Bechan of Dewin.

Ch. Bethan Bechan of Dewin (Lucy)

Lucy, the easiest dog in the world to show was a slow developer. She won a RCC at 7 months, another at nearly 3 and nothing else until she returned to the ring after whelping her first litter when she won her title in 3 straight shows. She eventually finished her career with 13CCs.

Her first litter contained 3 dogs and one bitch who became Ch. Dewin Eirwen.

Ch. Dewin Eirwen (Floss)

Her second contained just one huge dog puppy who grew into our Paddy (Ch. Dewin Sorcerers Apprentice)

Ch. Dewin Sorcerers Apprentice (Paddy)

and she repeated this performance for her 3rd litter containing just one little bitch puppy, Janne (Ch. Dewin Ffion).

Ch. Eirwen, another who was not keen on motherhood, produced a litter of 5 including her lovely daughter Ch. Dewin Gwenllian and Dewin Gwenifer at Knytshall who won 3 RCCs.

Ch. Dewin Gwenllian (Sally)

Glyntirion Blossom in Dewin joined us, after the death of her breeder, in 1995.

Glyntirion Blossom in Dewin (Rosie)

Rosie certainly did not take the show world by storm as she decided to stop growing when she reached 4 months old and her tail curls the wrong way. However, she is a delightful little person and in 1997 produced a beautiful litter to Paddy, all of whom went to pet homes and one of whom takes part in Agility and Obedience competitions. None of the 5 inherited her unique tail!

Rossfort Friday Fox for Dewin, born in July 2001, and the first Dewin Buhund of the new millennium.

Rossfort Friday Fox for Dewin (Maisie)

She is the daughter of 2 Norwegian imports. Maisie hates the show ring but was mated to Knytshall Morsom (a g.g.g.g.g grandson of Ch. Llian) and produced 2 dog  & one bitch puppy in Feb. 2004. The bitch, Indi (Dewin Indigo) has stayed here and is doing well in the show ring and Obedience.

Dewin Indigo (9 wks)