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Buhunds usually get along fine with other animals, if they live with them from being puppies. You have to remember, however, that Buhunds were bred to be farm dogs and if not used to other animals, the urge to (at best) herd or (at worst) chase & kill is still strong. Just because your Buhund gets along with your cat or rabbit, don't expect the same to be true of strange cats or wild rabbits. A well trained Buhund who has been familiarised with animals will live quite happily with anything from horses to hens.


Buhunds will usually get along fine with other dogs in the family. If you already have a dog and are thinking about adding a Buhund, chances are you will have no problems but dogs are all individuals. To minimise the risk of your dogs not getting on when they are mature, it is generally a good idea to buy one of the opposite sex - but you must then ensure that one or both of them are neutered. Keeping dogs and bitches apart in a normal household is almost impossible and an unplanned preganancy is almost certain to result. Two, or even more, male dogs can get along very well, but this cannot be guaranteed, much depends on the experience of the owner and the characters of the individual dogs.  The same is true of bitches but, contrary to common belief, 2 bitches can be much harder to keep together harmoniously if they decide they don't like each other. Whereas 2 dogs may fight & forget, 2 bitches will never forget and the only answer may be to either keep them apart for ever or rehome one of them.


If introduced to a cat at a young age, Buhunds soon learn that cats are sharp & no fun. Again, depending on personalities, the 2 can become the best of friends, or they may just decide to live as if the other doesn't exist! Whatever the relationship, the cat will be boss. Always allow your cat an escape route from a boisterous puppy and eventually the novelty will wear off for the puppy.