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Training your Buhund needs to begin the day he comes home with you. Obviously not big long training sessions, just in your day to day  dealings with him.

Even at 8 weeks old your Buhund puppy is able to learn a number of different things, don’t expect to much from him but don’t let him get away with things either. While you are getting to know your new puppy he is busy sizing you up too!

This is obviously the first thing on the minds of new owners. House training a young puppy isn’t difficult but it does entail a lot of patience and forward planning. Puppies generally need to relieve themselves at certain times:

  • As soon as they wake up

  • After they’ve been fed

  • After (or while)  they’ve been playing

Housetraining during the day is quite often achieved quickly, usually within the first week if the trainer is observant, quick witted and soon learns to read the signs. Housetraining at night takes longer, if only because a young puppy simply cannot physically hold it for so long. All the owner can do is make sure the puppy is allowed the opportunity to go last thing at night and is let out before anything else is done in the morning – even before putting the kettle on!

Using an indoor kennel or crate or cage can greatly assist housetraining as even puppies are reluctant to soil their sleeping area.

Above all, patience is needed for housetraining a puppy. Punishing him for mistakes will not help and may even hinder his training. Just when you think the penny (so to speak!) will never drop – it does. There may be a little back tracking and a few more mistakes – but he will finally become totally clean.